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Getting What You Want

You’re successful — you’ve worked hard and smart for your rewards. And you want to enjoy them – now and in the future.

Coastal Bridge Advisors can help you with this.

Our process is simple, comprehensive and customized to your unique needs.

We start by listening, working closely with you to help identify what you want, both financially and personally, today and in the future. Once we’ve helped you identify your goals, our team helps make sure you reach them.

At every stage, we ‘Uncomplicate It‘, which means taking the complex or potentially challenging parts of the financial management process and explaining them in simple, clear terms so that you can make an informed decision at every step in the process.

We’ve learned that for most of our clients, the best way to do this is to begin with planning.


Our Planning Process is thorough and customized.

We start by listening to your needs – carefully. We discuss ways we might help. With your permission, we analyze relevant documents to make sure no stone is left unturned. We help you develop financial goals based on your unique situation, including your lifestyle today, your plans for retirement and your wealth transfer expectations.

As our Advisors here often say, “Finances and planning can be intimidating for some, so we adhere to our company motto – ‘Uncomplicate It’. This means providing thoughtful advice on how to navigate various family, business, and life events, paired with seamless execution and most importantly, administrative ease for our clients.”

The process is meant to be empowering to you, to ensure that the decisions you make are based on a clear understanding of all the dynamics at play. Although we are equipped to deal with the most complex challenges you might face, we focus first on synthesizing all the information in a way that delivers the simple clarity you deserve.

Ongoing Relationship

Once you’re happy that the Planning Process has covered everything you need, we work closely with you to agree on the ideal course of action. This includes a customized service meeting where you are introduced to both the team and the technology that will support you as a client of our firm.

Going forward, every meeting is tailored to your individual preferences which sets the stage for your client service experience as well as our ongoing relationship with you.

We are available by phone, email, text, in person – or whatever makes it easier for you.

It’s all part of our commitment to ‘Uncomplicate It’.

Alfonzo Fernandez, Portfolio Administrator, sums it up this way, “We strive to make everything as simple and streamlined as possible. ‘Uncomplicate It‘ means making the impossible possible, with innovative thinking, while still providing all necessary services along with the great work ethic within our firm.”