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It Starts with What You Want

As a client of Coastal Bridge Advisors, you are special to us because we have committed to help you manage your wealth to get what you want, the way you want it.

We begin almost every relationship by listening to you, hearing about what you want to achieve, what might keep you awake at night when you think about wealth and finances, and how you’d like to enjoy your life while working and in retirement. Once we’ve collaborated with you to identify your goals, our team goes into action to help make sure you reach them.

Along the way, we ‘Uncomplicate It’, which means taking the complex or potentially challenging parts of the financial management process and explaining them in simple, clear terms so that you can make an informed decision at every step in the process.

The Team Approach

Our team helps to support you in many ways, to make sure that you get what you want, smoothly and efficiently.

As our Advisors acknowledge, “Our clients have been kind enough to say that we go above and beyond. Perhaps it’s because we not only provide appropriate planning and investment advice, but we are also willing to help with anything needed, all the way from booking travel with credit card points to cataloging a client’s art and jewelry collection for Estate Planning. We always go the extra mile.”

Our teams consist of Advisors, Support Advisors, Analysts, Portfolio Administrators, and Investment Experts, just to name a few. Working together, their job is to coordinate support roles to make sure that you get what you want, when you want it.

We sum up teamwork with a simple concept — when all is said and done, everything contributes to a commitment to serve clients with unwavering integrity and devotion.

Feedback and Guidance

On an ongoing basis, we check with our support team for your feedback so that we can continue to tailor our support to your unique, evolving needs.

Throughout the entire support process, the team is committed to the Coastal Bridge Advisors’ motto – ‘Uncomplicate It’.

Julie Streenz, Chief Operations Officer, summarizes the way that support evolves within the firm, even among our departments, “In order for us to uncomplicate clients’ lives, we periodically step back and evaluate our internal thinking at the firm, including operations and processes, so that we can more clearly deliver what they need.”

Support Advisor – Team Lead, Bethany Leduc, sums it up best: “Over the years, I’ve learned that not one of our clients is the same — which means the service we provide must be unique to them. That’s true support.”