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"Over the years, we’ve learned that to help people get comfortable, it is important to start by asking them about their needs, fears, hopes and dreams."

Jim Pratt-Heaney

Founding Partner, CIMA®

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Jim is a founding partner of Coastal Bridge Advisors with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry.  In addition to serving as an advisor, Jim also serves as the Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Investment Officer. As Chief Compliance Officer, he oversees Coastal Bridge Advisors’ regulatory compliance initiatives. As Chief Investment Officer, he oversees the firm’s execution of investment strategies and risk management, in conjunction with the Firm’s Investment Committee.

His passion is to help make things easy for the firm’s clients. He says, “Many of our clients tell us that when they first started looking for help, regardless of how successfully they’d managed their own businesses, they felt intimidated and unprepared when it came to managing their wealth and planning for their future, regardless of how much wealth they had accumulated.

“There was so much to think about and so much they didn’t fully understand, whether it was the need for creative tax planning or even how to plan for health care in retirement. They wanted to know where to start and who to start with. And, then, there was the question of trust. How could they be sure? Our goal was to help them simplify this experience, or as we say at Coastal Bridge Advisors, to ‘Uncomplicate It’.

“Over the years, we’ve learned that to help people get comfortable, it is important to start by asking them about their needs, fears, hopes and dreams. What do they want? How do they want to live their lives now and in the future when they retire? What is their definition of comfortable living and a comfortable retirement? We’ve learned that we only earn the right to talk about our company after we’ve learned about their needs.

“As one of the founding partners of Coastal Bridge Advisors, I’ve been helping people manage their wealth for a long, long time. Backed by a team of experts, I’ve learned that my role is to support and educate the clients I work with, whether it’s about planning, investment portfolios, tax savings, college plans, or even an upcoming wedding. Most of all, I have focused on how to protect and grow the wealth that our clients have worked so hard to attain.”

Jim currently sits on an Advisory Board for Pershing Advisor Solutions. He has been featured on Fox Business Channel and the Dow Jones Advisor Show, among others, and is a graduate of Marist College with continuing education at Ohio State University and The Wharton School of Management Center.

A family man with a bent for playing the guitar, he lives with his wife in Weston, CT surrounded by his children and their growing families.