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"When we uncomplicate internal processes, we can improve the quality of service to our clients."

Julie Streenz

Chief Operating Officer

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Julie is the Chief Operating Officer for Coastal Bridge Advisors, where she draws on her extensive experience working in client-facing capacities, as well as her success leading teams with training and mentorship programs. Julie initially joined Coastal Bridge as Client Service Associate and became the Director of Advisory Services. Julie has overseen major investments that have profoundly impacted our operational procedures and led initiatives to optimize our client services team’s abilities, to standardize best practices and integrate technology for more streamlined operations.

Her approach to working in client service is clear, “I’ve learned that every client is unique, and so are their needs. I like to learn as much as I can about them and find those opportunities to help deliver a truly personalized experience leveraging technology and processes to best serve our clients.”

She adds, “I believe that while the ‘’Uncomplicate It’ approach may be directed at our clients, it should also be a reflection of how we manage our operational and teamwork flows. When we uncomplicate internal processes, we can improve the quality of personalized and efficient service to our clients.”

In her role as Chief Operating Officer, Julie is tasked with directing the firm’s support of its clients and by proxy, the firm’s advisors. The high-level services and platforms to which she is committed is meant to affect every area of our clients’ financial lives, touching both their professional and personal worlds, and even extending to the other trusted advisors upon whom they rely.

Julie’s professionalism comes naturally, “I started working in my family’s businesses at a very young age. My family engrained in me a strong work ethic and a passion for constant development, both personally and professionally. I believe these traits translate to any industry and equip me with a more well-rounded understanding of our clients’ diverse backgrounds.”

In her role, Julie carries this philosophy into any operational aspect of the firm that impacts the client experience. Prior to joining Coastal Bridge Advisors, Julie held both operational and managerial roles in various firms, including Corient Capital Partners, TMX Finance and Things Remembered.

When not working, Julie spends time sitting in traffic on I-405 or at her home in Los Angeles, CA with family and friends. She is an avid escape room enthusiast having completed over 100 in Southern California. She has also built her own escape rooms for family and church events.