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"We work with our clients to articulate their objectives clearly and succinctly, and then our team does the heavy lifting to achieve that end result."

Kimberly R. Nelson

Advisor, CFA®, CDFA®

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Kimberly is an Advisor at Coastal Bridge Advisors. She attributes the company’s success to a client-centric point of view. “We sit on the same side of the table with our clients. We value the strong relationships we build with them and truly believe that their success is ours. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of their lives, believing that ongoing successful wealth oversight requires collaboration between investor and advisor. This relationship is built on trust and our aim is to maintain the highest standards of integrity and expertise.”

To back up what she believes in, Kimberly built up her financial and planning skills over the years, including a degree in Business Finance, designation as a Chartered Financial Analyst®, and membership in both the CFA® Institute and the Los Angeles Society of Financial Analysts. Prior to working for Coastal Bridge Advisors, she honed her skills at Morgan Stanley, UBS Financial Services as well as Oppenheimer and Co.

She says, “One of the things I really like about Coastal Bridge Advisors is our company motto – “Uncomplicate It” which, to me, means that we work with our clients to articulate their objectives clearly and succinctly, and then our team does the heavy lifting to achieve that end result. The client focuses on what they want in the end, and we work hard to make that happen.”

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Kimberly has lived in Los Angeles for the past nineteen years where she enjoys running as well as traveling the world with friends and family. Above all, she is committed to helping others both professionally and personally. She is actively involved with Habitat for Humanity both in the US and in Mexico, formerly served as a board member and Treasurer of Grades of Green, a non-profit that works to instill environmental awareness in the minds of elementary school students and she is helping to establish a financial literacy program for the Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice. For her work helping others, she received a 2019 Women of Achievement Award from the Century City Chamber of Commerce.

Kimberly has learned much about helping others from her clients. “I have learned that contrary to popular belief, money doesn’t change people – it just makes them more of who they already were.” she says. “It enables them to live exactly the way that they want, so people who are naturally kind and generous are even more so when they have means. I have seen some unbelievable acts of generosity and charity within our clientele over the years, and I would like to think that the work I do for them is enabling them to do even more of what’s important to them, and to give back in the way that is most meaningful to them.”