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"My objective is to simplify and help optimize their financial transactions, helping to make the management of our clients' wealth more straightforward and efficient."

Ryan Vogel

Support Advisor - Client Services

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In our Coastal Bridge Advisors’ Westport office, you’ll find Ryan, Support Advisor – Client Services, known not just for his financial acumen but for his unique blend of hobbies and life experiences that enrich his professional approach.

Ryan serves our clients with a passion for detail and continuous improvement, traits mirrored in his award-winning baking skills. His handcrafted baked goods are not just a treat for the taste buds, but a testament to his meticulous nature and dedication to excellence. Beyond the kitchen, Ryan’s love for motorcycle riding reflects his ability to navigate the fine line of measured risk, a skill he deftly applies to helping manage our clients’ service needs.

“Each client presents a unique combination of goals, challenges, and aspirations,” Ryan shares. “My objective is to simplify and help optimize their financial transactions, helping to make the management of their wealth more straightforward and efficient.”

His journey in finance began by serving as the treasurer of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity during his college days at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. Here, Ryan earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied and Resource Economics, with a focus on business, management and marketing, laying the foundation for his future career. In serving our clients, he works with diligence to ensure their financial journey is as smooth and personalized as possible.

Ryan’s professional background is diverse, yet he doesn’t rely solely on his past roles at renowned institutions like Morgan Stanley and Brown Brothers Harriman to define his abilities. Instead, he focuses on being a versatile pillar of support for both clients and advisors, navigating the complexities of finance with a personal touch.

Living in Redding, CT, Ryan’s life outside the office is as energetic as his professional one. Whether he’s cycling across challenging terrain, reliving his childhood joy of downhill skiing, or perfecting his latest cookie recipe, Ryan brings the same energy and commitment to his hobbies as he does to his work. This blend of personal interests and professional dedication makes Ryan a relatable and invaluable member of our client support team at Coastal Bridge Advisors.