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What Does “Uncomplicate It” Mean?

What does “Uncomplicate It” mean? And why is it important?

To our clients, it means that we work hard to make things easy for them, to make it effortless, to simplify, to keep things hassle-free, to be straightforward and clear.

We do this so that you can more easily manage and grow your wealth, more clearly plan for retirement, more simply transfer wealth to future generations, and more effortlessly enjoy the lifestyle you want today.

Our goal is to help make it easier for your dreams to come true and for your unique challenges to be overcome, regardless of what they are, while recognizing that every situation is unique.

“Uncomplicate It”

Jeff Fuhrman, President of Coastal Bridge Advisors, describes it this way, “We strive to ‘Uncomplicate’ the experience and process for our clients, to make it simpler and easier when it comes to identifying and planning for the way they want to live their lives and manage their wealth.

“Before I joined the firm all those years ago, I did a deep dive into the marketplace and was surprised by how complicated our comprehensive services might appear for almost everyone who has wealth that needs management. There are so many moving parts beyond the core of investment management, including tax strategies, estate planning, insurance, philanthropy, family governance, liquidity events, and the overriding need to make sure that spouses, children and even grandchildren are properly cared for. That’s just for starters.

“When I spoke with the partners about how they handled this, they would say, ‘we uncomplicate it’ for our clients, and I got stuck on the phrase. ‘Uncomplicate it’ became our mantra and has now become an official slogan of the firm.”

Goals and Needs

At Coastal Bridge Advisors, our ‘uncomplicating’ starts when we are first introduced to our prospective clients. We listen carefully to help them identify and clarify both personal and financial needs. It’s the first step in our Planning Process, the fundamental anchor for everything we do.

By following this process, our team helps provide you with objective, customized, and often innovative solutions, in clear language, which can help give you greater control of your life. We’ve been told that the process can be exciting, liberating, eye-opening, and even healing.

Kimberly Nelson, financial advisor, sums it up when she says, “We’re all committed to our company motto ‘Uncomplicate It’ which, to me, means working with our clients to articulate their target goals clearly and succinctly, and then working with our team to do the heavy lifting to achieve that end result. The client focuses on what they want in the end, and we work hard to make that happen.”

Uncomplicated Relationship

When you are happy that the Planning Process has covered everything you need, we work closely with you to agree on the ideal course of action. This will include a customized service meeting where you are introduced to both the team and technology that will serve you as long as you are a client of our firm.

We stress the word “customized” — each meeting is tailored to the individual client’s preferences, which sets the stage for our ongoing relationship, anchored in an enhanced client service experience.

Throughout the process, we work hard to ‘Uncomplicate It’ so that you can more easily understand, evaluate and adjust whatever’s necessary going forward. That’s our uncomplicated approach.